Your FAQ's answered!

  1. What is Pay it Forward Frontline?  This is a grassroots effort to allow our community to show appreciation for frontline workers while also providing needed income for the locally-owned restaurants we love.  

  2. How does it work? Community members donate funds to local restaurants to cover the tab for a frontline worker's meal.  Restaurants keep a running total of amount available for use.  Frontline workers are then able to have a meal for free, as a thank you for the work they are doing! 

  3. How do I donate? Select a restaurant you wish to support and phone in your Pay-it-Forward Frontline funds, paying with a credit card. You can give any amount, and you can add money with or without your own order of food. Some restaurants allow you to donate easily online! 

  4. Are donations tax-deductible? No, these donations are not tax-deductible. 

  5. Who is a "frontline worker"?  These are workers deemed essential and working in high-risk environments so the rest of us can have the important services we need. Examples include: Police, medical workers, nursing home workers, grocery cashiers. 

  6. What if the restaurant I love is not on the list? We've started with a few local restaurants, but the goal is to expand further. Share this page with the restaurant of your choice. Most restaurants will need a bit of seed money to get started. We'll be happy to add them to the list once they are ready! 

  7. Won't some people take advantage of this? Maybe. We encourage restaurants to ask for worker ID to verify the frontline worker status. 

  8. Is there a limit to the amount  of food someone can get?  Yes, most restaurants limit the food to one meal at this time. 

  9. Shouldn't we be concerned for those who've lost their jobs?  Absolutely! There are many places to donate funds, food, and other necessities to help those in need.   

  10. How did this get started? The Mission Engagement Team at Souderton Mennonite Church kicked off this program to show appreciation for our frontline workers while also supporting our local economy. The church seeded the program as one part of the Care Fund. We hope others will join us in this easy way to make a difference! 

  11. Where did you get the awesome logo? Our friends at Leinbach Designs created it!